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nola_pets's Journal

New Orleans Pets
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a community for all pets in the Greater New Orleans area! Share pictures, ask questions, set up play dates with other pets, recommend vets, share information on anything and everything pet related. All pets accepted, no matter what breed or species.

(Please read & follow these everytime you post)

Be friendly and considerate. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. The one exception to this rule is if someone posts about harming an animal and y'all see it before one of the mods does and takes proper action. That's fair game for flaming.

Posting pictures is encouraged, but please put more than one behind an LJ-Cut. Also make sure the pictures are reasonably sized so they do not distort the community page or anyone's friends page. Recommended size for pictures NOT behind a cut is 600x500 or smaller.

Feel free to introduce yourself and your pets when you join the community, just please follow the picture rule. This is also a good time to ask any initial questions you might have of the community.

Recommendations and/or warnings about specific vets, pet shops, groomers, breeders, pet sitters, etc. are more than welcome. We all want to keep our animals happy and healthy. However, if you have a complaint or warning, please have specific details and as much proof as possible of incompetence.

Talk about harming animals in any way or dog fighting specifically is ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED. If there is anything posted of this nature, you will be banned from this community, reported to LJ Abuse, screen caps will be taken of the post, and your username and IP address will be sent on to the real authorities.

Do not disable comments please. If you are posting in a community, then you are asking for feedback on your post. Disabling comments, especially to a hot topic post, can be considered trolling. Please leave your posts open to advice from the rest of the community. Thank you.

Important posts like recommendations, warnings and similar, valuable information will be archived in the memories. Once it's established, please search through it before making your posts if you are a new member, thank you.

Violations of any of these rules will likely resort in us politely asking you to fix your post. Please do so. Flaming or rudeness will result in a warning, and possibly being banned if you continue to be an ass.

Your moderators are: annamarie84 and strangelet
Please forward any requests, complaints, suggestions, or reports of abuse of the community to us. You can e-mail us directly through our user profiles.