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There's only one conclusion...We all fall down.

Disinfecting for ringworms.

Minnie is the newest addition to my family, as of November 7th. It is confirmed that she has ringworm and the doctor is prescribing an oral medication since it covers a lot of her body now. Minnie was 7 ounces and is now 1 3/4 lbs.

I researched ringworm on the internet and noted some disinfecting suggestions. The doctor was surprised that I haven't caught ringworm from Minnie, nor has anyone else who has been in contact with her. She has been sleeping on my neck and chest (literally) for the past month. Of course, I've been kissing her as well. I'm at my apartment in Austin for the week and have started a full disinfection regime, including adding bleach to all of my laundry and spraying Lysol all over the carpets, doors, mattresses, etc. Lysol is the only spray I have on hand and it does kill the fungus, which causes Athlete's Foot. However, I did read that the fungus common is kittens has a different name.

I also read that ringworm can live in an environment for up to 18 months. I have two dogs as well, but they've had minimal contact with Minnie. Does anyone have suggestions for maintaining a ringworm-free environment? I told my mom to spray my room in New Orleans with a bleach/water solution (1 part bleach to 10 parts water).

I am such a germ freak and do not want to risk infecting any of my friends and pets. are a couple of pictures of my newest little nut :)


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