Goddess of ______ (love2loveher) wrote in nola_pets,
Goddess of ______

The RIG is in town!

Be a responsible pet owner - Spay or Neuter your pet!
Right now the "Big Fix Rig" is in town, and they (if I am reading this correctly) they will spay and neuter for $10. That's a great deal!


The group that runs the rig is The Humane Alliance from Asheville NC. I've spent a day at their home office in Asheville watching them do their magic and can assure you that your dog or cat is in good hands. Don't be afraid because it is a low-cost deal, it is low cost because of the grants and the people working there will take great care of your pet.

So if you have been putting off spaying or neutering your animal, NOW IS THE TIME!

Roxie and I are down here from NC while I work as an engineer. I have been down here since January, and Roxie joined me in early March. Rox is a three year old Chow/Border Collie Mutt - I think. Black and Fluffy - not common in this area, but she is doing fine so far. She's learning to love the air conditioner, and Bourbon Street, and more particularly, bars with air conditioners on Bourbon Street.
We live in the French Quarter, and Rox goes to the dog park there daily.
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