Micah (micahra) wrote in nola_pets,

Tails from the green side (X-post from personal LJ)

Well, it's been a couple weeks since I built King Mosh's Iguana Loft, and he is a new Iguana. I could tell that he just wasn't settling into the new apartment before, now he's in good spirits. He had been super cranky, but this morning when he came down and wasn't interested in eating, I picked him up to take him to the tub to do his bidness. He didn't resist the pickup or trip over, or back. He even looks cheerful now. Well, as cheerful as an iguana can look. He's grown quite a bit since he was brought to me in the summer of '05. He was 26" then, 32" last year, and measures in at about 38" now. That's nose to tailtip, not the proper way to measure, but the more impressive way ><

And what's a pet post without pics?

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