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Volunteer Opportunities with LA-SPCA

Foster Care:
The LA-SPCA is in the process of revamping their Foster Care Program. If you have fostered before or are interested in fostering please contact them. All Foster Care "parents" are required to attend a Volunteer Orientation and must be approved to be a Foster Parent. Fostering is a wonderfully rewarding job and a very
difficult and time consuming one at the same time. It is not always fostering kittens and puppies. It could be an adult dog or cat with special needs, or the puppies or kittens may need to be bottle fed around the clock.
Interested? Contact: or 368-5191, ext 142.

Care Cadet:
Care Cadet Camp applications are now available. Children entering either 6th or 7th grade in fall 2007 are eligible for the three-week training camp held from June 11-29. To request an application, please drop by 701 Thayer St. (corner of Opelousas Ave. in Algiers), or send your mailing address to or call 368-5191, ext.

Can't make it down to the shelter but still want to help? Help spread the news:
Print, post, distribute and/or e-mail various event flyers, adoptable pet flyers, obedience class info, etc.
Print and post at your favorite shops, office, groomer, vet, etc., print and distribute at the dog levee, parks and/or forward to your e-mail address book.
High quality, color, printer required. Two-three flyers per month; you can select the ones you're interested in. Contact: Lori Haeuser at

Want to stay at home and help? MySpace it!
Are you familiar with the SPCA MySpace page? If not, here it is:
They are looking for someone who enjoys being online to monitor the account and "make Friends" with other animal loving individuals and groups. Time investment would be, minimum, several hours a week.
If you are interested please contact for details.
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