There's only one conclusion...We all fall down. (cutiepie74) wrote in nola_pets,
There's only one conclusion...We all fall down.

Kitten advice

Yesterday, the students at Einstein Charter in New Orleans East found a little kitten wandering around. I tried looking for other kittens or a mama cat, but had no luck. The kitten is extremely young, but does know how to suckle. My mom bought kitten formula and I've been syringe feeding the kitten, who I've named Minnie. Minnie has been sleeping a lot and taking formula at regular intervals. After feedings, I wipe her abdomen and tail area with a warm wash cloth. Years ago, my mom heard that helps stimulate bowel movements. I'm not sure if this is urban legend or far as I can tell Minnie hasn't urinated or defacated. I've tried putting her in the grass for a few minutes and we've also put a small litter pan next to her bed.

Can someone please tell me if we need to do something else to assist her going to the restroom? I've never really taken care of a kitten this young before.

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