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My sweet little angels!

Hi, my name is Shannon..and these are my cats.

This is Kaos..(Chaos -- i was going through some horrible Korn phase when I got her)..one of the loves of my life. She is 6 years old, and we have been through 2 lovely evacuations together (Ivan and Katrina)..For both of these evacuations, I went with my mother who has two other cats..so, not only did I have to deal with three cranky kitties for a 10+ hour drive..but, my mother also decided that CAMPING out in the woods in northern god only knows where louisiana would be a great idea. the cats and i were not thrilled. kaos is a southern belle..treats need to be given at least twice a day, or she is not happy. she's a little spoiled. haha.

this! is c. ray nagin..(we thought it was a cute idea at the time)..my boyfriend and i are actually living in portland, oregon right now..and when we went to the local vet to get kaos a check up, they had FREE kittens. we are both suckers, and ended up taking this little bad ass home. he is about 8 months old. we think his daddy was feral..who knows? we love him!

nagin in our backyard:

kitties in boxes:

kaos was really skittish when we first got to portland -- we had to put her in a kennel at a vet in lufkin, texas a week after katrina...and was there for about 3 months..this is also including the hellish ride with my boyfriend from texas to portland...poor kitty. she is really happy now, and i think she is getting back into the groove of things..although she does not like portland's constant rain. kaos loves her sunshine.
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I know of a chocolate lab named Nagin. I think it's the cutest idea ever.