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Lost Dog!! Please Help

My little Voodoo, my baby, got out of my gate and is gone. We think that someone probably picked him up, most likely on Frenchman St. by either Benders or Wasabi. If you see him, PLEASE get in touch with me. He is VERY missed by everyone here, including Rere, who is his doggy friend.
Voodoo is VERY sweet and might have went up to someone in hopes of getting help getting home, he trusts everyone.
He is a small Yorkie mix with weird blond fur that dredlocks. He has big brown eyes. He had on a purple collar with a tag, but the tag has the wrong address due to a recent move, (why he would have needed help getting home.) He looks a mess, but it is because he has a severe fear of clippers and scissors, not because of neglect. He is spoiled and is not a big fan of dog food, so he might not be eating. He also he separation anxiety so if you try to leave a house that he is in he barks and runs after you.
Voodoo has been part of our family for 5 years. He came from an abusive family before us, (hence the grooming and food hang ups) and IS part of the family, not just a pet. He survived Katrina with us, was part of the reason we refused to leave New Orleans, and is REALLY missed. There is a reward!!!!!!!
Please reunite this puppy with his mommy and his family.

504-813-2781 or 908-220-0373 or 504-528-5435 ANYTIME, day/night with any information.
Or, drop by dba, The John, Iggys, or Razoos. They know how to get in touch with me. There are also fliers posted all over the Marigny.

Thank you all.

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